Monday, May 9, 2016

Birds in flight over Wyreema Wetlands

Mr Sandy Eveleigh from Visual Hope Photography took these great photos of birds in flight over the Wyreema Wetlands recently. Sandy was inspired to go and drive past the Wyreema Wetlands, after being informed about it's plight on Channel 7 News during the week.  These great photos were taken from the road and Sandy was so impressed with the species that he could see from the road, that he has arranged to be inducted so he can visit the site to bird-watch in the near future.

Sandy's Bird List from the short time he visited the perimeter of Wyreema Wetlands is as follows:
  • Black-Shoulder Kite
  • Eastern Great Egret
  • White-Necked Heron
  • Willy Wagtail
  • Magpie-lark
  • Welcome Swallow
  • Little Pied Cormorant
  • Pacific Black Duck
  • Pink-eared Duck
  • Australasian Darter
Thank-you Sandy for sharing your great birds in flight photographs with us.  To see other great photos you can follow Visual Hope Photography on Facebook or Instagram

Black-shouldered Kite over Wyreema Wetlands (Photo thanks to Visual Hope Photography)

Black-shouldered Kite over Wyreema Wetlands (Photo thanks to Visual Hope Photography)

Eastern Great Egret over Wyreema Wetlands (Photo thanks to Visual Hope Photography)

White-necked Heron over Wyreema Wetlands (Photo thanks to Visual Hope Photography)

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Unusual Birds of the Wyreema Wetlands

Chris Cameron recently supplied us with some nice photos of many of the species recorded so far at the Wyreema Wetlands. Four of the more unusual species are shown below. Black Falcons and Yellow-throated Miners are resident in the area.  Freckled Duck and Black-tailed Native-hens were drought refugees, which is why artificial wetlands are so important for our wildlife.

Thanks Chris for sending these photos for us to share.

Black Falcon (Photo by Chris Cameron)

Freckled Duck (Photo by Chris Cameron)

Black-tailed Native-hen (Photo by Chris Cameron)

Yellow-throated (White-rumped) Miner (Photo by Chris Cameron)

Wyreema Wetlands Featured on 7 Local News

04th May 2016


Channel 7 Local News Toowoomba Reporter, Sophie Tetzlaff interviewed Mick Atzeni (Toowoomba Bird Observers Club) and Deputy Mayor Cr Carol Taylor (Toowoomba Region Council) and residents of the local Wyreema and surrounding areas on site at Wyreema to discover more about the plight to save this important bird wetland.  You can watch the full news article here which is featured about 5 minutes into the bulletin.

Thank-you to Channel 7 for featuring this important story and also to Cr Carol Taylor and the Wyreema State Primary School for their support.

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Hoary-headed Grebe at Wyreema Wetlands

Sunday 3rd April 2016


Chris Cameron visited the Wyreema Wetlands this morning and came away with some great sightings including a Hoary-headed Grebe and Australasian Grebe in a great comparison shot together. Golden-headed Cisticolas were also in the grass around the ponds.  Pink-eared Ducks could be seen in the distance of some of the ponds.  Thank-you Chris for sharing your sightings and photographs of your visit to this magnificent bird habitat in Wyreema.

Hoary-headed Grebe (left) & Australasian Grebe at Wyreema Wetlands, 3/04/16 (Photos by Chris Cameron)

Golden-headed Cisticola at Wyreema Wetlands 03/04/16, (Photo by Chris Cameron)

Golden-headed Cisticola at Wyreema Wetlands 03/04/16, (Photo by Chris Cameron)

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Wasteland or Wetlands?

02nd March 2016


This was the topic of discussion, led by Mick Atzeni, guest speaker at tonight's branch meeting of the Wildlife Preservation Society of Qld - Toowoomba, held at Amaroo Environmental Education Centre at Kleinton.

Mick spoke about all of the aspects of how the "Wyreema Wetlands" came to be and about the current situation facing the unique birding habitat, as the waste water ponds are due to be decommissioned shortly.  Currently the Wyreema site is the only drought refuge of it's type in the Toowoomba Region, and is a refuge to birdlife not commonly observed in the Toowoomba region, including the Australian Spotted Crake and Pink-eared Duck to name a few.

The potentials for the future of this unique bio-diverse site are endless, but only if water input is maintained at the site to ensure the longevity of this diverse birding habitat.

The presentation by Mick Atzeni was well received by members of WPSQ Toowoomba and members of the public who attended the event, and everyone was in agreement, that such a location deserves saving and maintaining for the future of these bird species, and for the many options the location offers for local eco-tourism options in the future.


Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Wyreema Wetlands WPSQ Toowoomba Newsletter

16th February 2016


The Autumn edition of the Wildlife Preservation Society of Queensland - Toowoomba Branch Newsletter has featured a two page article on the risky future of the Wyreema Wetland Bird Population.

Front Page of WPSQ Toowoomba Branch Newsletter - Autumn 2016

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Birdlife Southern Qld visits Wyreema Wetlands

16th January 2016

On Saturday 16th January, Judith Hoyle from Bird Life Southern Queensland attended an onsite induction and tour of the Wyreema Water Treatment Plant, co-ordinated by Mick Atzeni from the Toowoomba Bird Observers Club. Other induction attendees included Judi Gray - President of Wildlife Preservation Society Toowoomba Branch, Deborah Metters from South East Queensland Catchments and representatives from the Toowoomba Field Naturalists Club. Despite wet overcast weather on the day, a large bird list was still compiled, including Pink Eared Ducks and Plum-headed Finches, which are usually rare to be seen in this part of the darling downs region. Every one in attendance agreed with Mick’s vision for the Wyreema Wetlands location, the options available, and the compromises that may have to be considered to ensure the habitat’s longevity.

"Wyreema Wetlands - Upper Ponds" 16/01/16 (iPhone Photo)

"Wyreema Wetlands - Lower Pond"  16/01/16 (iPhone Photo)

Flock of Pink-eared Ducks flying towards the lower pond at "Wyreema Wetlands" 16/01/16 (iPhone Photo)

Friday, January 15, 2016

Waterbirds Galore at Wyreema Wetlands

15th January 2016


Russell Jenkins visited the Wyreema Wastewater Treatment Plant for a birding outing and has shared with us some of his fabulous photos of a wide variety of birds seen during his visit to the facility.  
To see the full collection of images, and read about his experience birding at the location over the last few years, please visit Russell's Blog here:

Magnificent Waterbird Scene at Wyreema Wetlands, photographed by Russell Jenkins, January 2016.

Pink-eared Ducks at Wyreema Wetlands, January 2016

"Wyreema Wetlands" January 2016

Eastern Grey Kangaroo at Wyreema Wetlands January 2016

Zebra Finches at Wyreema Wetlands January 2016

Waterfowl on stormwater runoff dam adjacent to the final treatment pond at Wyreema Wetlands, January 2016
Royal Spoonbill & Yellow-billed Spoonbill at Wyreema Wetlands, January 2016

Australasian Darter at Wyreema Wetlands, January 2016

Australian Pelican at Wyreema Wetlands, January 2016