Saturday, January 16, 2016

Birdlife Southern Qld visits Wyreema Wetlands

16th January 2016

On Saturday 16th January, Judith Hoyle from Bird Life Southern Queensland attended an onsite induction and tour of the Wyreema Water Treatment Plant, co-ordinated by Mick Atzeni from the Toowoomba Bird Observers Club. Other induction attendees included Judi Gray - President of Wildlife Preservation Society Toowoomba Branch, Deborah Metters from South East Queensland Catchments and representatives from the Toowoomba Field Naturalists Club. Despite wet overcast weather on the day, a large bird list was still compiled, including Pink Eared Ducks and Plum-headed Finches, which are usually rare to be seen in this part of the darling downs region. Every one in attendance agreed with Mick’s vision for the Wyreema Wetlands location, the options available, and the compromises that may have to be considered to ensure the habitat’s longevity.

"Wyreema Wetlands - Upper Ponds" 16/01/16 (iPhone Photo)

"Wyreema Wetlands - Lower Pond"  16/01/16 (iPhone Photo)

Flock of Pink-eared Ducks flying towards the lower pond at "Wyreema Wetlands" 16/01/16 (iPhone Photo)

Friday, January 15, 2016

Waterbirds Galore at Wyreema Wetlands

15th January 2016


Russell Jenkins visited the Wyreema Wastewater Treatment Plant for a birding outing and has shared with us some of his fabulous photos of a wide variety of birds seen during his visit to the facility.  
To see the full collection of images, and read about his experience birding at the location over the last few years, please visit Russell's Blog here:

Magnificent Waterbird Scene at Wyreema Wetlands, photographed by Russell Jenkins, January 2016.

Pink-eared Ducks at Wyreema Wetlands, January 2016

"Wyreema Wetlands" January 2016

Eastern Grey Kangaroo at Wyreema Wetlands January 2016

Zebra Finches at Wyreema Wetlands January 2016

Waterfowl on stormwater runoff dam adjacent to the final treatment pond at Wyreema Wetlands, January 2016
Royal Spoonbill & Yellow-billed Spoonbill at Wyreema Wetlands, January 2016

Australasian Darter at Wyreema Wetlands, January 2016

Australian Pelican at Wyreema Wetlands, January 2016